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Carpet cleaning

Teddy’s Outstanding Carpet Cleaning in West End W1

Book your carpet cleaning in West End W1 from a local company that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of every service. Don’t choose between fair prices, quality and convenience – give us a call and be sure of the lot! Pay sensible rates for exception results, and arrange your appointment for the time and day that’s best for you.

How Professionals Tackle Cleaning Your Carpets

Your technician will start by determining if your carpet is-water tolerant, in which case steam cleaning is generally recommended. Shrinkable or non-colour-fast rugs are better cleansed using a dry cleaning technique, The detergents, solvents, or powders best suited to the specific types of staining affecting the carpet are selected.

The piece will be vacuum cleaned to open up the pile and remove loose debris. Dirty marks or heavy traffic areas are pre-treated to ensure the most even possible final result. After this the whole floor covering is shampooed, or a dirt absorbing powder is spread and worked into the pile.

Powders are vacummed up once they’ve had time to do their work. In the case of steam cleaning, the water, detergent, and dirt are extracted using top quality machinery which removes up to 90% of the moisture. This ensures a bright final colour and speeds up drying.

Once the cleaning is complete you’ll be advised on drying time – this can be reduced by introducing air blowers if requested. You’ll also be given the option of a Scotchgard treatment to protect against future staining.

Set the Ball Rolling!

Get your free quote on expert carpet cleaning in West End W1 on our customer support line, 020 8077 3713. Or, use our chat facility to get a price. Both phone and chat are staffed 24/7, use either after a spill when you want the soonest possible appointment slot. You might even be able to get your carpet cleaners on the day you call.

Alternatively. fill in the form below and press the send button. Someone will call you back or reply to your enquiry via email. Just say which is best for you.